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Hybrid Paradox
12 January 2013 @ 07:24 am
I kinda miss LiveJournal but as the days, months, and year passes by, I find myself here less and less. I keep trying to rectify this (and who knows, maybe I will maybe I won't after this post) but until then, I'm more easily found on tumblr, dA, or twitter. (Linking public twitter because...yea. It's not that hard to find my personal one but I'll only add you if I've talked to you extensively before/know you personally, etc.)

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Hybrid Paradox
11 August 2010 @ 02:38 pm

Battle Ready by ~Yunaura on deviantART

I could not resist taking her outside for a few quick photos before my camera battery gave out on me. Shameless plugging of this image everywhere~>///<

Comments and critiques welcome~~~<3
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Hybrid Paradox
31 December 2009 @ 01:50 pm
I'm actually eeeearly!!!

*click image*

This image took approximately 4-5 hours to vector and reproduce. I wanted to try to get that color pencil kind of look that they use in the end animation for Kimi ni Todoke, but there's still some work to reach that. (It doesn't help that I'm rushing to get this done...)

Anyways, have a safe and fun New Years, everyone!
Hybrid Paradox
30 December 2009 @ 11:46 pm
Oh man...I have not done any posts or graphic arts in sooo looong...I really meant to post something on Christmas, (I have the Photoshop file as proof...) but I fell asleep and didn't get the E-Card even remotely done on time. I blame honeycorrupts for passing on her procrastination bug to me.

Well, tomorrow is New Years Eve, and hopefully I can get some semblance of an E-Card up this time..? :P Besides all the excuses and apologies, I hope everyone on my FList is doing well. I might've surprised some of you when I randomly started commenting again out of nowhere...I think Sempai is the only one who I still chat to on and off. And that's because she spams my phone with random text messages, lololol. I'm on Twitter as well now though. Not all that active, but I have the gadget sitting on my desktop, so I do see the messages fly by. Please add me because I feel so horrible that I have not kept up to date with anyone, and so out of touch that I don't know if you'd still like to chat to me or not. ;~; The username is Yunaura as well.

Well, here's a little piece of work-in-progress that I started a couple of days ago.

If someone like me can change, if I change, it will turn white.Collapse )

Well, I'm hoping to get somewhere near 75%, or the whole thing done tomorrow, but I have to go run a ton more errands since I'm going back to Berk on Friday afternoon. If I somehow end up not posting and E-Card, I wish you all a Happy New Year. May it be filled with happiness, prosperity, and luck.
Hybrid Paradox
27 November 2008 @ 02:30 pm
Thanksgiving 2008
Hybrid Paradox
16 September 2008 @ 08:25 pm
So...I felt the need to do a small writing exercise, although I know I've prolly hacked these pretty horribly since I haven't written much other than blog entries in forever...It's basically that one meme/challenge where you quickly write something up in the time span of the song you're listening too. These songs are mostly background songs with chorus-like lyrics on some, so I was depending on the title and melody alone for the prompt and mood, I guess.

I don't know, I felt like I had to get most of them out of my system as well, although they'll most likely still remain and keep re-writing themselves in different forms every time I listen to this OST...I didn't really reach the other songs I wanted either, but I reached the main few that really stuck in my head. I hate how the thoughts in my head don't quite articulate into words as nicely as they sounded in my head. :T Practice I guess, but I don't do this a lot.

Once upon a time, there was you and me...Collapse )

Crits are welcome, although these are pretty much raw format and from some random location in my head.
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