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Silent Twilight Reverie


Hybrid Paradox
Personal posts here are Friends-Locked. All posts relating to graphics are kept open. Just follow the tags of "avatars", "wallpapers", or "tutorials" for now. Some of the series titles tagged don't specifically lead to graphics...sorry for the inconvenience. ^^;;

I'm a silent kinda person, so I don't speak out a lot. ^^; I generally won't respond to comments unless there is a question, or I'm just in a replying mood. Please don't take offense if I reply to others and not to you. >-<;;

Drop a line for anything. I'll reply asap with any help I can offer. =^^=
Friend me if you want updates on my graphics, but I warn you now that I am slow about things. >.o
If you friend me for common fandoms/interests/whatnot, drop a line so I know and will add you back.
I'm willing to link to affiliates if asked as well.
I don't have my own community to posts graphics and scans, etc. because you can probably tell alone from the date entries of my journal that my updates are few and far inbetween. My community would just go into hibernation constantly, and it would be a waste of space on your FList if so.

Due to some spamming from passing bots/advertisers, my Journal is closed to anonymous comments. Sorry. :[